Mirabai Bhajans

One of the greatest saints of all times is Mirabai of Rajasthan, India of the sixteenth century. We are of course interested not in the personality as such but the spiritual message and its joy as she experienced it.

Gitananda has attempted to provide here some of Mirabai's bhajans, an English translation, and a commentary for those who sincerely want to benefit from the message in a bhajan. The Gita itself is a Great Bhajan.The reader will note that translation of the original feelings and meanings is not possible, so we have done the best we can. We are not looking for scholarship but the bhajan's substance and an immediate implementation of its teachings after grasping the meaning.

May our exposition of Mirabai's Love be in the spirit of true Love, however minute. We thank her blessings with perfect humility as often as we can. If in our exposition of her Bhajans as Love songs we fail to bring out the entire Truth, this is but our human frailty. In our exposition of Mirabai's bhajans, we need not use constant references to other incarnations, for Mirabai’s Love stands out on its own. It would be an injustice to her Love and Perfection, and it would also be a mere show of our vanity of knowledge or literary art. Subtle vanity is difficult to overcome. May she teach us to express Love in its simplest form, in an innocent child-like manner without seeking a name for ourselves. The reader will equally assume responsibility on her/his part and keep that in mind with perfect humility.



Akhand Var Ne Vari Hu - I Am Married To The Eternal Husband
Hari Vase Hari Na Janma - The Lord (Hari) Resides In The Heart Of His Devotees
Satsang No Ras Chakh - Enjoy The Company Of True Saints
Mukhda Ni Maya Lagi Re - Beloved Mohan (Shree Krishna)! I Am Enchanted By Your Beautiful Face
Ab To Mera Shyam Nam Dusara Na Koi - The Name Of Lord Krishna Is My Only Obligation
Harivar Mukyo Kem Jai? - How Can I Abandon My Beloved Hari?
Koi Kahe Tene Kaheva Dayiye - Let The Worldly People Criticize Our Devotion
Piya Itani Binati Suno Meri - Krishna, Darling! Please Listen To This Modest Request From Me!
Ghela Ame Bhale Thaya Re - Friend, It's All Right To Be Crazy For God's Love
Meera Ko Prabhu Sachi Dasi Banao - Lord, Make Mira Your True Servant
Varmala Thari Giridhar Ne - I Will Wear The Marriage Garland Offered By My Real Husband Giridhar
Ranaji, Hu To Giridhar Man Bhavi - Ranaji! Lord Giridhar Has Accepted Me As His Beloved
Meto Tare Sharan Pari Re - Lord! I Have Surrendered Myself To You
Aani Milyo Anuragi, Jogiyo - Lord Giridhar Krishna Has Come To Meet Me
Govinda Gao Man Govinda Gao - O Mind! Sing The Glory Of Lord Govinda
Bhaj Man Charan Kamal Avinashi - Mind! Worship The Holy Eternal Lord Krishna
Ghadi Eka Nahi Avade Tum Daras Bin - Lord, Without Seeing You, I Do Not Feel Happy Even For A Moment


“What shall we believe? Praise of us or censure of us? Both may well be undeserved. Then, shall we be our own judges? Here too, there is room enough for error. God alone knows what we are, but He does not tell us. It is, therefore, best neither to seek to know nor believe anything about ourselves. We are what we are. Nothing is to be gained by knowing or believing what we are. Performance of duty is the only thing that matters. “– M.K. Gandhi