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Some people have a bad habit of hurting other people and making fun of others. That is out of pride and vanity. They want to make themselves important by putting others down and commenting on other's looks. A person who makes such negative comments is himself very weak and insecure, therefore he tries to create self-confidence by hurting others, which is wrong. You can never create confidence by hurting others or putting others down. God is in everyone.

Most people in this worlds are superficial and jealous of each other. They may pretend to like you but inside they are really jealous of you. They do not like to see other people ahead of them. They are rajsik. Sometimes people speak very nicely to someone in their presence, but as soon as that person leaves the room they start criticizing their clothes, behavior, and appearance.

Only saints see the good aspects of others all the time and treat them justly. Try to avoid bad company. If you want to take advantage of people at parties and social gathering, the price you have to pay is this criticism.  It is a useless way of spending time in the name of social gathering.  Social activities are necessary, but they can be utilized positively. Very few people really do this. People go to the temple to listen to lectures, but they spend most of the time watching what other people are wearing and who is there. All of this is foolishness and meaningless. People do this because they  are ignorant. They spend too much time in competition with each other.

Do not worry too much about comparing yourself to others but stay concerned with yourself.

--Swami Radhanandaji 

Last Updated ( Thursday, 30 August 2007 )
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“Only one who has passed through strenuous self-effort can give himself up and surrender himself wholly and unconditionally at the feet of the Divine.” – Swami Yatiswaranandaji