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“O lord! Lead me from unreal to the Real, from darkness to Light, and Lead me from the fear of death to Immortality.” -- Brihad Aranyakam Upanishad


Everything in the world that is perishable, changing and undependable is considered unreal or delusive like a mirage.  “There is no happiness in the finite,” according to Chhandogya Upanishad.  The Real is Imperishable, Unchanging and Dependable.  It is our very Self called “Atman.”

Darkness is the ignorance of our inner power, strength and potential. Lust, greed, desire for name and fame, pride, arrogance, jealousy and narrow mindedness represent darkness, just as the thirst for illusive physical pleasures represents blindness. Those who have not experienced their True Self are blind. Light is Self Realization. It is free from the gimmicks and deception of maya.

Fear of death will remain with those who worship the body, sensual pleasures, mind, intellect and ego. We, as our Atman, are above these. The only purpose of this invaluable human life is to realize true and lasting Love as Mirabai and all saints have realized. There is no other goal or way for man to be truly happy.

May we act now and make a sincere effort to practice spiritual truth because God’s grace is always available to us. We need only to open the sails of our heart. There, the wind of love is constantly blowing. The inner voice is constantly broadcasting, if only we would tune in and plug ourselves into that Power that is also all around us!

-- Swami Radhanandaji 

Last Updated ( Saturday, 28 April 2007 )
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“There is nothing that cannot be attained by patience and equanimity. The truth of this can be verified in one’s daily experience.” – M.K. Gandhi

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