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"Abandoning all worldly (established) dharmas, cling to the Dharma which teaches Truth as Love or Love as Truth. Abandoning lust and desires, serve holy, saintly people (male or female). Do not pay attention to others' faults, rather abandon that evil habit of looking at others' faults, and serve yourself with love and joy by listening constantly to the stories of the Lord and saints; constantly drink the nectar of Truth."

The Upanishads, Shreemad Bhagavat Gita and Shreemati Bhagavati Mira teach us that without abandoning rituals and the worldly ways of lust, anger and greed, there is no true joy. We may, however, perform our genuine self invited duties with a disinterested heart, that is, without any expectations of rewards.

Purification is absolutely necessary for most of us and it can be done in several ways. The Gita recommends yagya (sacrifice), tap (discipline), and dan (charity), with no expectation of any kind of return. A sincere seeker of Love will find proper guidance from the Guru of gurus, the Lord Herself.

We must set out on the journey. Never mind wrong exits or roads. It will all be to our advantage if we don't give up, however weak we may be. Sincerity and a singular purpose of seeking true freedom is all that is required of a worldly minded person for whom alone all scriptures are directed. Only the sick who wish to get well seek a doctor's help; the healthy need not go to a doctor. So it is in Spirituality. All can and will reach the goal of joyous eternal life. It may be a matter of time because the intensity with which we strive is a significant factor.

--Swami Radhanandaji 

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“He who is truly clean within, cannot remain unclean without.” – M.K. Gandhi

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