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    Aims and Objectives
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      Seven Social Sins
      Politics without Principles
      Wealth without Work
      Education without Character
      Pleasures without Conscience
      Commerce without Morality
      Worship without Sacrifice
      Science without Humanity
      Mahatma Gandhi on Hinduism
      Swami Vivekananda On Hinduism – Part I
      Swami Vivekananda On Hinduism - Part Il
      Vedanta's Message
      Words of Wisdom On Vedanta
    Society and Science
      Parents Have Become A Liability To Their Children As Man Has Become A Liability To Nature
      Today's Human Crisis And Need Of The Hour
      The Role Of The Guru
      Teaching Vs. Teachers
      The Teacher
      The Guru Cult In India
      How To Recognize A True Guru
      What Is Love?
      Where Is Love? How Do You Know That There Is Love?
      Self-Love Vs. self-Indulgence
      Love Isn't Found In Rituals
      Love In Solitude
      What Is Bhakti? What Is Love Of God?
      The True Lover Of God
      Pure Heart
      Proof Of A True Lover Of God
      Love of God
      God Alone Is To Be Loved
      Of The Love Of Jesus Above All Things
      The Weaning From The Idolatry Of self-Love
      Green Wood For The Burning Before Acquiring Love Of God
      Uneasiness, Foolish Fears And Depression Due To Lack Of Love Of God
      Various Difficulties In Loving God
      Love is Sweet
      Of the Marvelous Effect Of The Love Of God
      Duty: A Means to Self-Realization
      Duty and Selfishness
    Selfless Service
      Remember the Goal of Selfless Service
      How to Perform Selfless Service
      Selflessness Alone Will Not Suffice
    Mirabai Bhajans
      Akhand Var Ne Vari Hu - I Am Married To The Eternal Husband
      Hari Vase Hari Na Janma - The Lord (Hari) Resides In The Heart Of His Devotees
      Satsang No Ras Chakh - Enjoy The Company Of True Saints
      Mukhda Ni Maya Lagi Re - Beloved Mohan (Shree Krishna)! I Am Enchanted By Your Beautiful Face
      Ab To Mera Shyam Nam Dusara Na Koi - The Name Of Lord Krishna Is My Only Obligation
      Harivar Mukyo Kem Jai? - How Can I Abandon My Beloved Hari?
      Koi Kahe Tene Kaheva Dayiye - Let The Worldly People Criticize Our Devotion
      Piya Itani Binati Suno Meri - Krishna, Darling! Please Listen To This Modest Request From Me!
      Ghela Ame Bhale Thaya Re - Friend, It's All Right To Be Crazy For God's Love
      Meera Ko Prabhu Sachi Dasi Banao - Lord, Make Mira Your True Servant
      Varmala Thari Giridhar Ne - I Will Wear The Marriage Garland Offered By My Real Husband Giridhar
      Ranaji, Hu To Giridhar Man Bhavi - Ranaji! Lord Giridhar Has Accepted Me As His Beloved
      Meto Tare Sharan Pari Re - Lord! I Have Surrendered Myself To You
      Aani Milyo Anuragi, Jogiyo - Lord Giridhar Krishna Has Come To Meet Me
      Govinda Gao Man Govinda Gao - O Mind! Sing The Glory Of Lord Govinda
      Bhaj Man Charan Kamal Avinashi - Mind! Worship The Holy Eternal Lord Krishna
      Ghadi Eka Nahi Avade Tum Daras Bin - Lord, Without Seeing You, I Do Not Feel Happy Even For A Moment
    Mirabai's Life History
    Others on Mirabai
      Swami Vivekananda
      Swami Yatishwaranandji
      Mahatma Gandhi
      Hermann Goetz
      A.J. Alston
    About Incarnations
  Young Adults
    FAQ About Spirituality
      What's the point of religion?
      Why should I study the Gita?
      Why should I bother pursuing Self Realization?
      What is Vedanta?
      How will the Gita help me?
      Why is the Gita singled out?
      What can I do besides learn the Gita to improve my life?
      How do you define Gita?
      When people ask me about the Gita, how should I respond?
      Why were humans put on earth? What are they here to accomplish?
      What are the duties of humans?
      Who am I?
      Why was I born?
      Where is God?
      How do you know what God wants from you?
      Why did God create us?
      Why doesn't God make it easier for us to reach him?
      Why do we pray?
      How do you define God?
      Why can't we see God?
      Did the Ramayana and Mahabharata actually happen? Why do some people call them myths?
      If God wants us to live a certain way in order to reach him then why doesn't he just tell us?
      Meditation is hard. So how should I pray?
      Why do we have to pray more than once a day?
      What is karma?
      Is Hinduism Polytheistic or Monotheistic?
      Why are there so many Gods in Hinduism?
      Why do we pray to murtis or statues?
      Why are there so many Idols in Hinduism?
      Why do we believe that there is God in everyone? Is it hard to find God in people who do bad things?
      Why does one go to the temple?
      Why do Hindus worship the cow?
      How do I differentiate between Love and Maya?
      Why do people lose their temper so frequently?
      Why do Krishna and Arjuna have so many names?
      How can I control my emotions?
      How can I forget my past pains and move on?
      What happens after death?
      What is heaven and hell? What do people do there?
      Is there such a thing as devil in Hinduism?
    FAQ About Society
      How can the Gita's teachings help me in social situations?
      Why do people put each other down?
      How do we tell right from wrong?
      How do we do the right thing without hurting anyone?
      Should some things be avoided completely, even if they bring temporary joy?
      How can I stop being judgmental and critical of myself and others?
      Why do people lie?
      Is it wrong to hate a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
      How should I pick good friends?
      How are we supposed to balance two cultures at the same time?
      Comparison to others leads to a better understanding of how to work harder. Is this harmful?
      How do you stop an argument?
      Why shouldn't we eat food that's not freshly made?
      If I know I am doing something wrong, how do I stop it?
      How can I finish my homework quicker?
      How do I know if I've picked the right goal?
      How do we pick sides?
      How do I stop a friend from cheating?
      What can one do to reduce stress?
      Why do some people have a better memory? Why are some people more intelligent than others?
      Don't we believe that all living things are equal?
      How do I know what career I should choose?
      How should I handle pressure from my parents to participate and succeed in everything?
      What does the Gita have to say about war?
      How can I deal with parents who don't understand my point of view?
      Why do people judge others from their outer appearance?
      When should I be self-conscious?
      How can I deal with my parents' prejudices?
      Why is life full of so many mysteries?
      How can I avoid distractions and keep focused on my studies?
      Why shouldn't we try drugs or smoking for ourselves rather than believe others?
      Does my handwriting really say anything about me?
      How can you have a friend of the opposite sex and avoid getting in a love-hate relationship?
    The Spiritual Quest
    The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You
    A True Gift: The Gift of Spirituality
    Spiritual Teachings
    To Want God
    Choose Wisely
    Spiritual Recognition
    Abhyas Yoga
      Abhyas Yoga According to the Gita
      The Beauty of Abhyas Yoga
      Spiritual Study Requires Discipline
      Spiritual Study Requires Will Power
      A Wise Man Ponders
      Learn When to Say No
      Love of Truth
      Seeing Unity In Variety and Variety In Unity
      On Correcting Others
      Humble Acknowledgment
      Spiritual Success in Fellowship
      Taking Responsibility for Yourself
      First, Find Your Own Peace
      Look Inward
      Hope in God Alone
      We Must Submit to God's Will
      Obedience to God's WIll
      The Gita on Surrender
      The Ways Of The Man Of Knowledge
      Test Of True Knowledge
      On The Reading of Holy Scriptures
      Inadequacy of Bookish Knowledge
      Are Good Books and Pious Exercises Adequate?
    Spiritual Guidance
      The Need for Holy Company
      Don't Seek the Company of Fools
      Be Always Watchful and Aware
      Pray for Divine Guidance
      True Freedom
      Bhagavatam on Holy Company
      Spiritual Growth Takes Self-Effort
      Ask for God's Help
      Avoid Temptations
      Realization Takes Grace and Effort
      Desire, Lust, and Passion
      When a Desire Is Not a Desire
      What is Truth or Dharma?
      How To Recognize The Truth - Part 1
      How To Recognize The Truth - Part 2
      How To Recognize The Truth - Part 3
  Scriptural Wisdom
    About Gita
      Learning the Gita
      Mahatma Gandhi On The Gita - Part Il
      Mahatma Gandhi On The Gita – Part I
      Mother Gita
      Topics Addressed by the Gita
      The Purpose of Memorizing the Gita
    Uddhav Gita
    Vedanta's Message
      Salutations to the Supreme Being Free from Illusion: Vishnu Va Tripurantaka
      Selfless Devotion: Na Dhanam
      Enlighten Me: Asato Ma
      I Bow to the Divine Grace: Mookam Karoti
      Infinite Supreme Being: Om Poornam Adah
      Togetherness: Om Saha Navavatu
      Eternal Peace: Om Nityo Anityanam
      Eternal Goal: Akashat Patatim
      One Eternal Source: Na Tatra Suryo
      Praise of the Eternal Lord: Tvam Aksharam
      Request for Buddhi: Om Bhoor Bhuvah
      Inconceivable Supreme Being: Yam Brahma Varuna
      Supreme Being: Na Bala Na Cha
      Surrender: Karpanya Doshah
      Adoration of the Supreme Being: Namah Te Sate
      Supreme Being as Mother: Na Mantram
      All Pervading Creator: Tvam Adidevah
      Singleminded Devotion: Na Anyat Vadami
      Unchanging Supreme Being: Tvam Ekam
      True Love: Ya Pritih Avivekanam
      Surrender: Janami Dharmam
      Surrender to Krishna: Na Vidya Yesham
    Wisdom from Gita
      Breaking Bad Habits
      Discrimination and Courage
      Attachment vs. Love
      Freedom to Choose
      Happiness Begins Within
      The Highest Goal
      Making Decisions
      Our Greatest Duty
      Seeing God in Others
      Seek Only God's Approval
      Seeking Self-Realization
      Selfless Service
      Turning Inward
    Wisdom from Upanishads
      Knowledge of the Self
      Universality of God
  Audio & Video
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